Story Power Week: #WIPjoy week 2

Welcome to the second week in Bethany A. Jenning’s and S.D. Grimm’s #WIPjoy month over on social media. This was Story Power week, going deeper into the heart and soul of the novel, and how it connects back to the author. Read on for my week in review!

Day 8: If you could give each reader one thing along with this book, it would be…

Besides a map, it would be art by someone like the talented Laura Hollingsworth. Her work for Shannon Messenger’s Keeper of the Lost Cities is amazing. My world and characters are vivid, but I don’t have the artistic ability to make them come to life (outside of words, that is). I would love to be able to have illustrations so others could see them as well.


Day 9: Your ideal review might say…

I would love to hear that my story meant something to the reader, that my story is more than just “junk food”. As a writer with several alpha readers who critique as each chapter is finished, I’ve seen so many different reviews. The ones like “I FREAKING LOVE IT. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN” make my author heart overwhelmingly happy, but the reviews that detail how much it meant to the reader (and why) are the ones that keep me going. God gave me this story for a reason, and it’s a true privilege to find out what those reasons are.


Day 10: A line about effort or triumph

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about this line from Story-Keeper. That would spoil a great part (in my humble opinion as author… 😜).


Day 11: Something your MC (main character) sees as a weakness but is really a strength

This one’s a trick question, because Cass doesn’t think she has any weaknesses. She’s always been more than capable of handling things. If she had to answer, she’d probably tell you that her weakness is her inexperience as a Guardian of Story. But if she were really real with herself, her answer would be her past. I can’t tell you how those are her strengths though — that would go spoiling the story.

Day 12: How is your antagonist like you?

My antagonist and I sometimes cling too much to tradition, have a strong sense of duty, and are driven by a desire to to correct injustices.


Day 13/14: How does writing this WIP make you stronger?

It makes me a stronger Christian, as I watch story details inexplicably click into place, unplanned. God is writing this with me.

It makes me a stronger writer, as my alpha readers help me realize my flaws and strengths. I am learning and growing with every chapter.

It makes me a stronger person, as writing Cass’ character convicts me about my own constant struggle with trust and vulnerability. My past does not define me.

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