Hub: Unmasked (Short Story)

Current wordcount: 5184 words

Welcome to the new home of all things “Unmasked”, my modern superhero short story about unexpected superhero giftings and looking for the value in your own unique gift.

Currently, Emery’s story is shaping up to be a much bigger world, with two sequels tentatively titled “Unbound” and “Untamed” in the works. If you enjoyed Emery, Jana, and Carter and their superhero high school world — stay tuned!

Since Unmasked is now published (see below!), I don’t want to share a copy of it freely on the internet as I did on the forum, but you can find on the forum here:

Email me if you’d like to keep up with new developments; I’m hoping to put together a group for Unmasked fans.

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Bonus material: Theme board for “Unmasked”

See the full photo board on my Pinterest page (including inspiration for Jana and Emery):


Publishing Announcement

Unmasked is published! It was featured in a short story anthology compiled by OYANer Jaye Erro (Arden Lumena) to raise money for charity. Click here for a closer look:

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