Hub: Story-Keeper

Welcome to the new home of all things Story-Keeper, my modern fantasy featuring Guardians, Rogues, witty banter, and unique takes on classic fantasy creatures.


  • Borderline middle-grade/YA “modern” fantasy
  • (YA only for theme. No language, no romance. No worries ;))
  • When Guardian of Story Cassandra Hart finds herself trapped in the very otherworld she’s supposed to protect, she might have to risk opening her heart if she wants to find the way home.

I don’t want to post full chapters here as I did on the forum, but if you’d like them, I’m still sharing! Eventually I want to create a MailChimp email list or group chat system, but for now, email me here to start getting full chapters when I write them.

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Bonus material: Character boards!

Find my full Pinterest board here:

Cassandra HartCassandra

Fulton O’ConnellFulton

Marcus C– wait. He said you don’t get to know his last name. Ha 😛the rogue

Marcus and Sofie: Relationship Tone BoardMarcus and Sofie

If you email me for chapters, I’ll also send you location boards as you reach certain points in the story. 😉


Bonus Material: Sneak Peek

She skidded to a stop as shimmering golden threads began to weave through the air several steps ahead of her. There he is. She checked her position and ducked behind a tree, peering out around it.

The threads wove into a glowing door-like page, framed by a darker gold border. She tensed as the page shoved in toward her. Pressing her back against the tree, she slipped a mirror from her hip pack and held it just barely out, where she could see around the trunk. The Rogue stepped through, black boots crunching on the autumn leaves. His hand gripped the charm where it hung around his neck, golden light shining between his fingers. Her gaze narrowed.

The man lowered his hand from the charm, and the page behind him disappeared. He didn’t seem to be too worried he’d been followed, other than the occasional glance around. Keeping an eye on the Rogue, she felt in her pack. Her fingers made contact with the spray bottle, and she slipped it out. She glanced once more in the mirror, wrapping her grip around the spray bottle trigger. He was headed her way.

She stepped out from behind the tree, pointing the bottle at his face. He started, his eyes widening, and grabbed the charm around his neck. Instantly a portal appeared between them, casting the trees in a golden light.

Cass’ eyes widened. “No! Please— wait!” She sprinted forward, but he stepped through the glow and the portal vanished. She stopped, something inside of her wilting. Her best chance — gone.

She startled as a male voice spoke behind her. “So what do you want?”

She spun around. The Rogue leaned against a tree, his arms folded. She glanced between where the portal had appeared and where he leaned now, her brows puckered. “You were just—”

A slight smile touched his face. “Perks of a portal. Now, what’d you want?”

She took a step toward him, and instantly his whole body tensed, hand hovering near the charm. “That’s far enough.”

She stopped.

He relaxed, though his gaze still betrayed his suspicion. “Is it that hard to say who you are and what you want?”


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