“Unbound” is finished!

Two nights ago, I wrote the last words on “Unbound”. Friends… it’s done! It needs revisions, of course, but the story is written.

One year and five months of tears and heartache (and laughter), and being honest with my own flaws, and pouring into these beautiful flawed superteens. (There are five new characters since Unmasked, and I can’t wait for you to meet them!) It didn’t end the way I expected, but somehow I think this is even better.


  • 9,938 words (7000 longer than Unmasked’s 2961)
  • sequel to Unmasked
  • Modern superhero fantasy short story (but not focusing on the superheroics)
  • “In a world of masks, who do you trust?”
  • Emery takes a risk to hone her abilities, leaving Jana and Carter behind. But it may cost her more than she bargained for.

I’m not sure yet if this will be indie published like Unmasked. I’m considering expanding Emery’s story into full books, since I think they could have a chance in traditional publishing. So if you want to read Unbound, please contact me. I will have opportunities for beta readers — a good way to read it soon if you’re eager!

So, what would you like to know about Unbound (or Unmasked)? Ask me anything, although I reserve the right to answer in ways that avoid spoilers 😉

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